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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Manual pages builder.

    :copyright: Copyright 2007-2016 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

from os import path

from six import string_types
from import FileOutput
from docutils.frontend import OptionParser

from sphinx import addnodes
from import Builder
from sphinx.environment import NoUri
from sphinx.util.nodes import inline_all_toctrees
from sphinx.util.console import bold, darkgreen
from sphinx.writers.manpage import ManualPageWriter

[docs]class ManualPageBuilder(Builder): """ Builds groff output in manual page format. """ name = 'man' format = 'man' supported_image_types = [] def init(self): if not self.config.man_pages: self.warn('no "man_pages" config value found; no manual pages ' 'will be written') def get_outdated_docs(self): return 'all manpages' # for now def get_target_uri(self, docname, typ=None): if typ == 'token': return '' raise NoUri def write(self, *ignored): docwriter = ManualPageWriter(self) docsettings = OptionParser( defaults=self.env.settings, components=(docwriter,), read_config_files=True).get_default_values()'writing... '), nonl=True) for info in self.config.man_pages: docname, name, description, authors, section = info if isinstance(authors, string_types): if authors: authors = [authors] else: authors = [] targetname = '%s.%s' % (name, section) + ' { ', nonl=True) destination = FileOutput( destination_path=path.join(self.outdir, targetname), encoding='utf-8') tree = self.env.get_doctree(docname) docnames = set() largetree = inline_all_toctrees(self, docnames, docname, tree, darkgreen, [docname])'} ', nonl=True) self.env.resolve_references(largetree, docname, self) # remove pending_xref nodes for pendingnode in largetree.traverse(addnodes.pending_xref): pendingnode.replace_self(pendingnode.children) largetree.settings = docsettings largetree.settings.title = name largetree.settings.subtitle = description largetree.settings.authors = authors largetree.settings.section = section docwriter.write(largetree, destination) def finish(self): pass