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    Texinfo builder.

    :copyright: Copyright 2007-2019 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

import os
from os import path

from docutils import nodes
from docutils.frontend import OptionParser
from import FileOutput

from sphinx import addnodes
from sphinx import package_dir
from import Builder
from sphinx.environment.adapters.asset import ImageAdapter
from sphinx.errors import NoUri
from sphinx.locale import _, __
from sphinx.util import logging
from sphinx.util import progress_message, status_iterator
from sphinx.util.console import darkgreen  # type: ignore
from sphinx.util.docutils import new_document
from sphinx.util.fileutil import copy_asset_file
from sphinx.util.nodes import inline_all_toctrees
from sphinx.util.osutil import SEP, ensuredir, make_filename_from_project
from sphinx.writers.texinfo import TexinfoWriter, TexinfoTranslator

if False:
    # For type annotation
    from sphinx.application import Sphinx  # NOQA
    from sphinx.config import Config  # NOQA
    from typing import Any, Dict, Iterable, List, Tuple, Union  # NOQA

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
template_dir = os.path.join(package_dir, 'templates', 'texinfo')

[docs]class TexinfoBuilder(Builder): """ Builds Texinfo output to create Info documentation. """ name = 'texinfo' format = 'texinfo' epilog = __('The Texinfo files are in %(outdir)s.') if == 'posix': epilog += __("\nRun 'make' in that directory to run these through " "makeinfo\n" "(use 'make info' here to do that automatically).") supported_image_types = ['image/png', 'image/jpeg', 'image/gif'] default_translator_class = TexinfoTranslator def init(self): # type: () -> None self.docnames = [] # type: Iterable[str] self.document_data = [] # type: List[Tuple[str, str, str, str, str, str, str, bool]] def get_outdated_docs(self): # type: () -> Union[str, List[str]] return 'all documents' # for now def get_target_uri(self, docname, typ=None): # type: (str, str) -> str if docname not in self.docnames: raise NoUri else: return '%' + docname def get_relative_uri(self, from_, to, typ=None): # type: (str, str, str) -> str # ignore source path return self.get_target_uri(to, typ) def init_document_data(self): # type: () -> None preliminary_document_data = [list(x) for x in self.config.texinfo_documents] if not preliminary_document_data: logger.warning(__('no "texinfo_documents" config value found; no documents ' 'will be written')) return # assign subdirs to titles self.titles = [] # type: List[Tuple[str, str]] for entry in preliminary_document_data: docname = entry[0] if docname not in self.env.all_docs: logger.warning(__('"texinfo_documents" config value references unknown ' 'document %s'), docname) continue self.document_data.append(entry) # type: ignore if docname.endswith(SEP + 'index'): docname = docname[:-5] self.titles.append((docname, entry[2])) def write(self, *ignored): # type: (Any) -> None self.init_document_data() for entry in self.document_data: docname, targetname, title, author = entry[:4] targetname += '.texi' direntry = description = category = '' if len(entry) > 6: direntry, description, category = entry[4:7] toctree_only = False if len(entry) > 7: toctree_only = entry[7] destination = FileOutput( destination_path=path.join(self.outdir, targetname), encoding='utf-8') with progress_message(__("processing %s") % targetname): appendices = self.config.texinfo_appendices or [] doctree = self.assemble_doctree(docname, toctree_only, appendices=appendices) with progress_message(__("writing")): self.post_process_images(doctree) docwriter = TexinfoWriter(self) settings = OptionParser( defaults=self.env.settings, components=(docwriter,), read_config_files=True).get_default_values() # type: Any = author settings.title = title settings.texinfo_filename = targetname[:-5] + '.info' settings.texinfo_elements = self.config.texinfo_elements settings.texinfo_dir_entry = direntry or '' settings.texinfo_dir_category = category or '' settings.texinfo_dir_description = description or '' settings.docname = docname doctree.settings = settings docwriter.write(doctree, destination) self.copy_image_files(targetname[:-5]) def assemble_doctree(self, indexfile, toctree_only, appendices): # type: (str, bool, List[str]) -> nodes.document self.docnames = set([indexfile] + appendices) + " ", nonl=True) tree = self.env.get_doctree(indexfile) tree['docname'] = indexfile if toctree_only: # extract toctree nodes from the tree and put them in a # fresh document new_tree = new_document('<texinfo output>') new_sect = nodes.section() new_sect += nodes.title('<Set title in>', '<Set title in>') new_tree += new_sect for node in tree.traverse(addnodes.toctree): new_sect += node tree = new_tree largetree = inline_all_toctrees(self, self.docnames, indexfile, tree, darkgreen, [indexfile]) largetree['docname'] = indexfile for docname in appendices: appendix = self.env.get_doctree(docname) appendix['docname'] = docname largetree.append(appendix)'')"resolving references...")) self.env.resolve_references(largetree, indexfile, self) # TODO: add support for external :ref:s for pendingnode in largetree.traverse(addnodes.pending_xref): docname = pendingnode['refdocname'] sectname = pendingnode['refsectname'] newnodes = [nodes.emphasis(sectname, sectname)] # type: List[nodes.Node] for subdir, title in self.titles: if docname.startswith(subdir): newnodes.append(nodes.Text(_(' (in '), _(' (in '))) newnodes.append(nodes.emphasis(title, title)) newnodes.append(nodes.Text(')', ')')) break else: pass pendingnode.replace_self(newnodes) return largetree def finish(self): # type: () -> None self.copy_support_files() def copy_image_files(self, targetname): # type: (str) -> None if self.images: stringify_func = ImageAdapter( for src in status_iterator(self.images, __('copying images... '), "brown", len(self.images),, stringify_func=stringify_func): dest = self.images[src] try: imagedir = path.join(self.outdir, targetname + '-figures') ensuredir(imagedir) copy_asset_file(path.join(self.srcdir, dest), imagedir) except Exception as err: logger.warning(__('cannot copy image file %r: %s'), path.join(self.srcdir, src), err) def copy_support_files(self): # type: () -> None try: with progress_message(__('copying Texinfo support files')):'Makefile ', nonl=True) copy_asset_file(os.path.join(template_dir, 'Makefile'), self.outdir) except OSError as err: logger.warning(__("error writing file Makefile: %s"), err)
def default_texinfo_documents(config): # type: (Config) -> List[Tuple[str, str, str, str, str, str, str]] """ Better default texinfo_documents settings. """ filename = make_filename_from_project(config.project) return [(config.master_doc, filename, config.project,, filename, 'One line description of project', 'Miscellaneous')] def setup(app): # type: (Sphinx) -> Dict[str, Any] app.add_builder(TexinfoBuilder) app.add_config_value('texinfo_documents', default_texinfo_documents, None) app.add_config_value('texinfo_appendices', [], None) app.add_config_value('texinfo_elements', {}, None) app.add_config_value('texinfo_domain_indices', True, None, [list]) app.add_config_value('texinfo_show_urls', 'footnote', None) app.add_config_value('texinfo_no_detailmenu', False, None) return { 'version': 'builtin', 'parallel_read_safe': True, 'parallel_write_safe': True, }