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"""Build epub3 files.

Originally derived from

from __future__ import annotations

import html
import os
import re
import time
from os import path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, NamedTuple

from sphinx import package_dir
from import _epub_base
from sphinx.config import ENUM, Config
from sphinx.locale import __
from sphinx.util import logging
from sphinx.util.fileutil import copy_asset_file
from sphinx.util.osutil import make_filename

    from sphinx.application import Sphinx
    from sphinx.util.typing import ExtensionMetadata

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class NavPoint(NamedTuple):
    text: str
    refuri: str
    children: list[NavPoint]

# writing modes
    'horizontal': 'ltr',
    'vertical': 'rtl',
    'horizontal': 'vertical',
    'vertical': 'horizontal',
    'vertical': 'vertical-rl',
    'horizontal': 'horizontal-tb',

DOCTYPE = '''<!DOCTYPE html>'''

    '<html xmlns="" '

_xml_name_start_char = (
_xml_name_char = (
    _xml_name_start_char + r'\-|\.' '|[0-9]|\u00B7|[\u0300-\u036F]|[\u203F-\u2040]'
_XML_NAME_PATTERN = re.compile(f'({_xml_name_start_char})({_xml_name_char})*')

[docs] class Epub3Builder(_epub_base.EpubBuilder): """ Builder that outputs epub3 files. It creates the metainfo files content.opf, nav.xhtml, toc.ncx, mimetype, and META-INF/container.xml. Afterwards, all necessary files are zipped to an epub file. """ name = 'epub' epilog = __('The ePub file is in %(outdir)s.') supported_remote_images = False template_dir = path.join(package_dir, 'templates', 'epub3') doctype = DOCTYPE html_tag = HTML_TAG use_meta_charset = True # Finish by building the epub file def handle_finish(self) -> None: """Create the metainfo files and finally the epub.""" self.get_toc() self.build_mimetype() self.build_container() self.build_content() self.build_navigation_doc() self.build_toc() self.build_epub() def content_metadata(self) -> dict[str, Any]: """Create a dictionary with all metadata for the content.opf file properly escaped. """ writing_mode = self.config.epub_writing_mode if (source_date_epoch := os.getenv('SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH')) is not None: time_tuple = time.gmtime(int(source_date_epoch)) else: time_tuple = time.gmtime() metadata = super().content_metadata() metadata['description'] = html.escape(self.config.epub_description) metadata['contributor'] = html.escape(self.config.epub_contributor) metadata['page_progression_direction'] = PAGE_PROGRESSION_DIRECTIONS.get(writing_mode) metadata['ibook_scroll_axis'] = IBOOK_SCROLL_AXIS.get(writing_mode) metadata['date'] = html.escape(time.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ", time_tuple)) metadata['version'] = html.escape(self.config.version) metadata['epub_version'] = self.config.epub_version return metadata def prepare_writing(self, docnames: set[str]) -> None: super().prepare_writing(docnames) writing_mode = self.config.epub_writing_mode self.globalcontext['theme_writing_mode'] = THEME_WRITING_MODES.get(writing_mode) self.globalcontext['html_tag'] = self.html_tag self.globalcontext['use_meta_charset'] = self.use_meta_charset self.globalcontext['skip_ua_compatible'] = True def build_navlist(self, navnodes: list[dict[str, Any]]) -> list[NavPoint]: """Create the toc navigation structure. This method is almost same as build_navpoints method in This is because the logical navigation structure of epub3 is not different from one of epub2. The difference from build_navpoints method is templates which are used when generating navigation documents. """ navstack: list[NavPoint] = [] navstack.append(NavPoint('', '', [])) level = 0 for node in navnodes: if not node['text']: continue file = node['refuri'].split('#')[0] if file in self.ignored_files: continue if node['level'] > self.config.epub_tocdepth: continue navpoint = NavPoint(node['text'], node['refuri'], []) if node['level'] == level: navstack.pop() navstack[-1].children.append(navpoint) navstack.append(navpoint) elif node['level'] == level + 1: level += 1 navstack[-1].children.append(navpoint) navstack.append(navpoint) elif node['level'] < level: while node['level'] < len(navstack): navstack.pop() level = node['level'] navstack[-1].children.append(navpoint) navstack.append(navpoint) else: unreachable = 'Should never reach here. It might be a bug.' raise RuntimeError(unreachable) return navstack[0].children def navigation_doc_metadata(self, navlist: list[NavPoint]) -> dict[str, Any]: """Create a dictionary with all metadata for the nav.xhtml file properly escaped. """ return { 'lang': html.escape(self.config.epub_language), 'toc_locale': html.escape(self.guide_titles['toc']), 'navlist': navlist, } def build_navigation_doc(self) -> None: """Write the metainfo file nav.xhtml."""'writing nav.xhtml file...')) if self.config.epub_tocscope == 'default': doctree = self.env.get_and_resolve_doctree( self.config.root_doc, self, prune_toctrees=False, includehidden=False) refnodes = self.get_refnodes(doctree, []) self.toc_add_files(refnodes) else: # 'includehidden' refnodes = self.refnodes navlist = self.build_navlist(refnodes) copy_asset_file(path.join(self.template_dir, 'nav.xhtml.jinja'), self.outdir, self.navigation_doc_metadata(navlist)) # Add nav.xhtml to epub file if 'nav.xhtml' not in self.files: self.files.append('nav.xhtml')
def validate_config_values(app: Sphinx) -> None: if != 'epub': return # <package> lang attribute, dc:language if not app.config.epub_language: logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_language" (or "language") ' 'should not be empty for EPUB3')) # <package> unique-identifier attribute if not _XML_NAME_PATTERN.match(app.config.epub_uid): logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_uid" should be XML NAME for EPUB3')) # dc:title if not app.config.epub_title: logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_title" (or "html_title") ' 'should not be empty for EPUB3')) # dc:creator if not app.config.epub_author: logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_author" should not be empty for EPUB3')) # dc:contributor if not app.config.epub_contributor: logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_contributor" should not be empty for EPUB3')) # dc:description if not app.config.epub_description: logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_description" should not be empty for EPUB3')) # dc:publisher if not app.config.epub_publisher: logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_publisher" should not be empty for EPUB3')) # dc:rights if not app.config.epub_copyright: logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_copyright" (or "copyright")' 'should not be empty for EPUB3')) # dc:identifier if not app.config.epub_identifier: logger.warning(__('conf value "epub_identifier" should not be empty for EPUB3')) # meta ibooks:version if not app.config.version: logger.warning(__('conf value "version" should not be empty for EPUB3')) def convert_epub_css_files(app: Sphinx, config: Config) -> None: """Convert string styled epub_css_files to tuple styled one.""" epub_css_files: list[tuple[str, dict[str, Any]]] = [] for entry in config.epub_css_files: if isinstance(entry, str): epub_css_files.append((entry, {})) else: try: filename, attrs = entry epub_css_files.append((filename, attrs)) except Exception: logger.warning(__('invalid css_file: %r, ignored'), entry) continue config.epub_css_files = epub_css_files def setup(app: Sphinx) -> ExtensionMetadata: app.add_builder(Epub3Builder) # config values app.add_config_value('epub_basename', lambda self: make_filename(self.project), '') app.add_config_value('epub_version', 3.0, 'epub') # experimental app.add_config_value('epub_theme', 'epub', 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_theme_options', {}, 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_title', lambda self: self.project, 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_author', lambda self:, 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_language', lambda self: self.language or 'en', 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_publisher', lambda self:, 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_copyright', lambda self: self.copyright, 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_identifier', 'unknown', 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_scheme', 'unknown', 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_uid', 'unknown', 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_cover', (), 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_guide', (), 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_pre_files', [], 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_post_files', [], 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_css_files', lambda config: config.html_css_files, 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_exclude_files', [], 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_tocdepth', 3, 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_tocdup', True, 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_tocscope', 'default', 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_fix_images', False, 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_max_image_width', 0, 'env') app.add_config_value('epub_show_urls', 'inline', 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_use_index', lambda self: self.html_use_index, 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_description', 'unknown', 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_contributor', 'unknown', 'epub') app.add_config_value('epub_writing_mode', 'horizontal', 'epub', ENUM('horizontal', 'vertical')) # event handlers app.connect('config-inited', convert_epub_css_files, priority=800) app.connect('builder-inited', validate_config_values) return { 'version': 'builtin', 'parallel_read_safe': True, 'parallel_write_safe': True, }