Source code for

"""Manual pages builder."""

from __future__ import annotations

import warnings
from os import path
from typing import Any

from docutils.frontend import OptionParser
from import FileOutput

from sphinx import addnodes
from sphinx.application import Sphinx
from import Builder
from sphinx.config import Config
from sphinx.locale import __
from sphinx.util import logging
from sphinx.util.console import darkgreen  # type: ignore
from sphinx.util.display import progress_message
from sphinx.util.nodes import inline_all_toctrees
from sphinx.util.osutil import ensuredir, make_filename_from_project
from sphinx.writers.manpage import ManualPageTranslator, ManualPageWriter

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ManualPageBuilder(Builder): """ Builds groff output in manual page format. """ name = 'man' format = 'man' epilog = __('The manual pages are in %(outdir)s.') default_translator_class = ManualPageTranslator supported_image_types: list[str] = [] def init(self) -> None: if not self.config.man_pages: logger.warning(__('no "man_pages" config value found; no manual pages ' 'will be written')) def get_outdated_docs(self) -> str | list[str]: return 'all manpages' # for now def get_target_uri(self, docname: str, typ: str | None = None) -> str: return '' @progress_message(__('writing')) def write(self, *ignored: Any) -> None: docwriter = ManualPageWriter(self) with warnings.catch_warnings(): warnings.filterwarnings('ignore', category=DeprecationWarning) # DeprecationWarning: The frontend.OptionParser class will be replaced # by a subclass of argparse.ArgumentParser in Docutils 0.21 or later. docsettings: Any = OptionParser( defaults=self.env.settings, components=(docwriter,), read_config_files=True).get_default_values() for info in self.config.man_pages: docname, name, description, authors, section = info if docname not in self.env.all_docs: logger.warning(__('"man_pages" config value references unknown ' 'document %s'), docname) continue if isinstance(authors, str): if authors: authors = [authors] else: authors = [] docsettings.title = name docsettings.subtitle = description docsettings.authors = authors docsettings.section = section if self.config.man_make_section_directory: dirname = 'man%s' % section ensuredir(path.join(self.outdir, dirname)) targetname = f'{dirname}/{name}.{section}' else: targetname = f'{name}.{section}' + ' { ', nonl=True) destination = FileOutput( destination_path=path.join(self.outdir, targetname), encoding='utf-8') tree = self.env.get_doctree(docname) docnames: set[str] = set() largetree = inline_all_toctrees(self, docnames, docname, tree, darkgreen, [docname]) largetree.settings = docsettings'} ', nonl=True) self.env.resolve_references(largetree, docname, self) # remove pending_xref nodes for pendingnode in largetree.findall(addnodes.pending_xref): pendingnode.replace_self(pendingnode.children) docwriter.write(largetree, destination) def finish(self) -> None: pass
def default_man_pages(config: Config) -> list[tuple[str, str, str, list[str], int]]: """ Better default man_pages settings. """ filename = make_filename_from_project(config.project) return [(config.root_doc, filename, f'{config.project} {config.release}', [], 1)] def setup(app: Sphinx) -> dict[str, Any]: app.add_builder(ManualPageBuilder) app.add_config_value('man_pages', default_man_pages, False) app.add_config_value('man_show_urls', False, False) app.add_config_value('man_make_section_directory', False, False) return { 'version': 'builtin', 'parallel_read_safe': True, 'parallel_write_safe': True, }