Source code for sphinx.transforms


    Docutils transforms used by Sphinx when reading documents.

    :copyright: Copyright 2007-2020 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

import re
from typing import Any, Dict, Generator, List, Tuple

from docutils import nodes
from docutils.nodes import Element, Node, Text
from docutils.transforms import Transform, Transformer
from import ContentsFilter
from docutils.transforms.universal import SmartQuotes
from docutils.utils import normalize_language_tag
from docutils.utils.smartquotes import smartchars

from sphinx import addnodes
from sphinx.config import Config
from sphinx.deprecation import RemovedInSphinx40Warning, deprecated_alias
from sphinx.locale import _, __
from sphinx.util import logging
from sphinx.util.docutils import new_document
from sphinx.util.i18n import format_date
from sphinx.util.nodes import NodeMatcher, apply_source_workaround, is_smartquotable

if False:
    # For type annotation
    from sphinx.application import Sphinx
    from sphinx.domain.std import StandardDomain
    from sphinx.environment import BuildEnvironment

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

default_substitutions = {

[docs]class SphinxTransform(Transform): """A base class of Transforms. Compared with ``docutils.transforms.Transform``, this class improves accessibility to Sphinx APIs. """ @property def app(self) -> "Sphinx": """Reference to the :class:`.Sphinx` object.""" return @property def env(self) -> "BuildEnvironment": """Reference to the :class:`.BuildEnvironment` object.""" return self.document.settings.env @property def config(self) -> Config: """Reference to the :class:`.Config` object.""" return self.env.config
class SphinxTransformer(Transformer): """ A transformer for Sphinx. """ document = None # type: nodes.document env = None # type: BuildEnvironment def set_environment(self, env: "BuildEnvironment") -> None: self.env = env def apply_transforms(self) -> None: if isinstance(self.document, nodes.document): if not hasattr(self.document.settings, 'env') and self.env: self.document.settings.env = self.env super().apply_transforms() else: # wrap the target node by document node during transforming try: document = new_document('') if self.env: document.settings.env = self.env document += self.document self.document = document super().apply_transforms() finally: self.document = self.document[0] class DefaultSubstitutions(SphinxTransform): """ Replace some substitutions if they aren't defined in the document. """ # run before the default Substitutions default_priority = 210 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: # only handle those not otherwise defined in the document to_handle = default_substitutions - set(self.document.substitution_defs) for ref in self.document.traverse(nodes.substitution_reference): refname = ref['refname'] if refname in to_handle: text = self.config[refname] if refname == 'today' and not text: # special handling: can also specify a strftime format text = format_date(self.config.today_fmt or _('%b %d, %Y'), language=self.config.language) ref.replace_self(nodes.Text(text, text)) class MoveModuleTargets(SphinxTransform): """ Move module targets that are the first thing in a section to the section title. XXX Python specific """ default_priority = 210 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: for node in self.document.traverse( if not node['ids']: continue if ('ismod' in node and node.parent.__class__ is nodes.section and # index 0 is the section title node node.parent.index(node) == 1): node.parent['ids'][0:0] = node['ids'] node.parent.remove(node) class HandleCodeBlocks(SphinxTransform): """ Several code block related transformations. """ default_priority = 210 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: # move doctest blocks out of blockquotes for node in self.document.traverse(nodes.block_quote): if all(isinstance(child, nodes.doctest_block) for child in node.children): node.replace_self(node.children) # combine successive doctest blocks # for node in self.document.traverse(nodes.doctest_block): # if node not in node.parent.children: # continue # parindex = node.parent.index(node) # while len(node.parent) > parindex+1 and \ # isinstance(node.parent[parindex+1], nodes.doctest_block): # node[0] = nodes.Text(node[0] + '\n\n' + # node.parent[parindex+1][0]) # del node.parent[parindex+1] class AutoNumbering(SphinxTransform): """ Register IDs of tables, figures and literal_blocks to assign numbers. """ default_priority = 210 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: domain = self.env.get_domain('std') # type: StandardDomain for node in self.document.traverse(nodes.Element): if (domain.is_enumerable_node(node) and domain.get_numfig_title(node) is not None and node['ids'] == []): self.document.note_implicit_target(node) class SortIds(SphinxTransform): """ Sort secion IDs so that the "id[0-9]+" one comes last. """ default_priority = 261 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: for node in self.document.traverse(nodes.section): if len(node['ids']) > 1 and node['ids'][0].startswith('id'): node['ids'] = node['ids'][1:] + [node['ids'][0]] TRANSLATABLE_NODES = { 'literal-block': nodes.literal_block, 'doctest-block': nodes.doctest_block, 'raw': nodes.raw, 'index': addnodes.index, 'image': nodes.image, } class ApplySourceWorkaround(SphinxTransform): """ update source and rawsource attributes """ default_priority = 10 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: for node in self.document.traverse(): # type: Node if isinstance(node, (nodes.TextElement, nodes.image)): apply_source_workaround(node) class AutoIndexUpgrader(SphinxTransform): """ Detect old style; 4 column based indices and automatically upgrade to new style. """ default_priority = 210 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: for node in self.document.traverse(addnodes.index): if 'entries' in node and any(len(entry) == 4 for entry in node['entries']): msg = __('4 column based index found. ' 'It might be a bug of extensions you use: %r') % node['entries'] logger.warning(msg, location=node) for i, entry in enumerate(node['entries']): if len(entry) == 4: node['entries'][i] = entry + (None,) class ExtraTranslatableNodes(SphinxTransform): """ make nodes translatable """ default_priority = 10 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: targets = self.config.gettext_additional_targets target_nodes = [v for k, v in TRANSLATABLE_NODES.items() if k in targets] if not target_nodes: return def is_translatable_node(node: Node) -> bool: return isinstance(node, tuple(target_nodes)) for node in self.document.traverse(is_translatable_node): # type: Element node['translatable'] = True class UnreferencedFootnotesDetector(SphinxTransform): """ detect unreferenced footnotes and emit warnings """ default_priority = 200 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: for node in self.document.footnotes: if node['names'] == []: # footnote having duplicated number. It is already warned at parser. pass elif node['names'][0] not in self.document.footnote_refs: logger.warning(__('Footnote [%s] is not referenced.'), node['names'][0], type='ref', subtype='footnote', location=node) for node in self.document.autofootnotes: if not any(ref['auto'] == node['auto'] for ref in self.document.autofootnote_refs): logger.warning(__('Footnote [#] is not referenced.'), type='ref', subtype='footnote', location=node) class DoctestTransform(SphinxTransform): """Set "doctest" style to each doctest_block node""" default_priority = 500 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: for node in self.document.traverse(nodes.doctest_block): node['classes'].append('doctest') class FigureAligner(SphinxTransform): """ Align figures to center by default. """ default_priority = 700 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: matcher = NodeMatcher(nodes.table, nodes.figure) for node in self.document.traverse(matcher): # type: Element node.setdefault('align', 'default') class FilterSystemMessages(SphinxTransform): """Filter system messages from a doctree.""" default_priority = 999 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: filterlevel = 2 if self.config.keep_warnings else 5 for node in self.document.traverse(nodes.system_message): if node['level'] < filterlevel: logger.debug('%s [filtered system message]', node.astext()) node.parent.remove(node) class SphinxContentsFilter(ContentsFilter): """ Used with BuildEnvironment.add_toc_from() to discard cross-file links within table-of-contents link nodes. """ visit_pending_xref = ContentsFilter.ignore_node_but_process_children def visit_image(self, node: nodes.image) -> None: raise nodes.SkipNode class SphinxSmartQuotes(SmartQuotes, SphinxTransform): """ Customized SmartQuotes to avoid transform for some extra node types. refs: sphinx.parsers.RSTParser """ default_priority = 750 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: if not self.is_available(): return # override default settings with :confval:`smartquotes_action` self.smartquotes_action = self.config.smartquotes_action super().apply() def is_available(self) -> bool: builders = self.config.smartquotes_excludes.get('builders', []) languages = self.config.smartquotes_excludes.get('languages', []) if self.document.settings.smart_quotes is False: # disabled by 3rd party extension (workaround) return False elif self.config.smartquotes is False: # disabled by confval smartquotes return False elif in builders: # disabled by confval smartquotes_excludes['builders'] return False elif self.config.language in languages: # disabled by confval smartquotes_excludes['languages'] return False # confirm selected language supports smart_quotes or not language = self.env.settings['language_code'] for tag in normalize_language_tag(language): if tag in smartchars.quotes: return True else: return False def get_tokens(self, txtnodes: List[Text]) -> Generator[Tuple[str, str], None, None]: # A generator that yields ``(texttype, nodetext)`` tuples for a list # of "Text" nodes (interface to ``smartquotes.educate_tokens()``). texttype = {True: 'literal', # "literal" text is not changed: False: 'plain'} for txtnode in txtnodes: notsmartquotable = not is_smartquotable(txtnode) yield (texttype[notsmartquotable], txtnode.astext()) class DoctreeReadEvent(SphinxTransform): """Emit :event:`doctree-read` event.""" default_priority = 880 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None:'doctree-read', self.document) class ManpageLink(SphinxTransform): """Find manpage section numbers and names""" default_priority = 999 def apply(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: for node in self.document.traverse(addnodes.manpage): manpage = ' '.join([str(x) for x in node.children if isinstance(x, nodes.Text)]) pattern = r'^(?P<path>(?P<page>.+)[\(\.](?P<section>[1-9]\w*)?\)?)$' # noqa info = {'path': manpage, 'page': manpage, 'section': ''} r = re.match(pattern, manpage) if r: info = r.groupdict() node.attributes.update(info) from import ( # NOQA CitationDefinitionTransform, CitationReferenceTransform ) deprecated_alias('sphinx.transforms', { 'CitationReferences': CitationReferenceTransform, 'SmartQuotesSkipper': CitationDefinitionTransform, }, RemovedInSphinx40Warning) def setup(app: "Sphinx") -> Dict[str, Any]: app.add_transform(ApplySourceWorkaround) app.add_transform(ExtraTranslatableNodes) app.add_transform(DefaultSubstitutions) app.add_transform(MoveModuleTargets) app.add_transform(HandleCodeBlocks) app.add_transform(SortIds) app.add_transform(DoctestTransform) app.add_transform(FigureAligner) app.add_transform(AutoNumbering) app.add_transform(AutoIndexUpgrader) app.add_transform(FilterSystemMessages) app.add_transform(UnreferencedFootnotesDetector) app.add_transform(SphinxSmartQuotes) app.add_transform(DoctreeReadEvent) app.add_transform(ManpageLink) return { 'version': 'builtin', 'parallel_read_safe': True, 'parallel_write_safe': True, }