sphinx-quickstart is an interactive tool that asks some questions about your project and then generates a complete documentation directory and sample Makefile to be used with sphinx-build(1).


-q, --quiet

Quiet mode that skips the interactive wizard for specifying options. This option requires -p, -a and -v options.

-h, --help, --version

Display usage summary or Sphinx version.

Structure Options


If specified, separate source and build directories.


If specified, create build directory under source directory.


Inside the root directory, two more directories will be created; “_templates” for custom HTML templates and “_static” for custom stylesheets and other static files. You can enter another prefix (such as “.”) to replace the underscore.

Project Basic Options

-p PROJECT, --project=PROJECT

Project name will be set. (see project).

-a AUTHOR, --author=AUTHOR

Author names. (see copyright).


Version of project. (see version).

-r RELEASE, --release=RELEASE

Release of project. (see release).

-l LANGUAGE, --language=LANGUAGE

Document language. (see language).


Source file suffix. (see source_suffix).


Master document name. (see root_doc).

Extension Options


Enable sphinx.ext.autodoc extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.doctest extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.intersphinx extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.todo extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.coverage extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.imgmath extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.mathjax extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.ifconfig extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.viewcode extension.


Enable sphinx.ext.githubpages extension.


Enable arbitrary extensions.

Makefile and Batchfile Creation Options

--use-make-mode (-m), --no-use-make-mode (-M)

Makefile/make.bat uses (or doesn’t use) make-mode. Default is use, which generates a more concise Makefile/make.bat.

Changed in version 1.5: make-mode is default.

Changed in version 7.3: Support for disabling the make-mode will be removed in Sphinx 8.

--makefile, --no-makefile

Create (or not create) makefile.

--batchfile, --no-batchfile

Create (or not create) batchfile

Project templating

Added in version 1.5: Project templating options for sphinx-quickstart

-t, --templatedir=TEMPLATEDIR

Template directory for template files. You can modify the templates of sphinx project files generated by quickstart. Following Jinja2 template files are allowed:

  • root_doc.rst_t

  • conf.py_t

  • Makefile_t

  • Makefile.new_t

  • make.bat_t

  • make.bat.new_t

In detail, please refer the system template files Sphinx provides. (sphinx/templates/quickstart)


Define a template variable

See also