sphinx.ext.linkcode – Add external links to source code

Module author: Pauli Virtanen

Added in version 1.2.

This extension looks at your object descriptions (.. class::, .. function:: etc.) and adds external links to code hosted somewhere on the web. The intent is similar to the sphinx.ext.viewcode extension, but assumes the source code can be found somewhere on the Internet.

In your configuration, you need to specify a linkcode_resolve function that returns an URL based on the object.



This is a function linkcode_resolve(domain, info), which should return the URL to source code corresponding to the object in given domain with given information.

The function should return None if no link is to be added.

The argument domain specifies the language domain the object is in. info is a dictionary with the following keys guaranteed to be present (dependent on the domain):

  • py: module (name of the module), fullname (name of the object)

  • c: names (list of names for the object)

  • cpp: names (list of names for the object)

  • javascript: object (name of the object), fullname (name of the item)


def linkcode_resolve(domain, info):
    if domain != 'py':
        return None
    if not info['module']:
        return None
    filename = info['module'].replace('.', '/')
    return "https://somesite/sourcerepo/%s.py" % filename