sphinx.ext.todo – Support for todo items

Autor del módulo: Daniel Bültmann

Nuevo en la versión 0.5.

There are two additional directives when using this extension:

.. todo::

Use this directive like, for example, note.

It will only show up in the output if todo_include_todos is True.

Nuevo en la versión 1.3.2: This directive supports an class option that determines the class attribute for HTML output. If not given, the class defaults to admonition-todo.

.. todolist::

This directive is replaced by a list of all todo directives in the whole documentation, if todo_include_todos is True.

These can be configured as seen below.



If this is True, todo and todolist produce output, else they produce nothing. The default is False.


If this is True, todo emits a warning for each TODO entries. The default is False.

Nuevo en la versión 1.5.

If this is True, todolist produce output without file path and line, The default is False.

Nuevo en la versión 1.4.

autodoc provides the following an additional event:

todo-defined(app, node)

Nuevo en la versión 1.5.

Emitted when a todo is defined. node is the defined sphinx.ext.todo.todo_node node.