Project API

class sphinx.project.Project(srcdir: str | os.PathLike[str], source_suffix: Iterable[str])[fuente]

A project is the source code set of the Sphinx document(s).

discover(exclude_paths: Iterable[str] = (), include_paths: Iterable[str] = ('**',)) set[str][fuente]

Find all document files in the source directory and put them in docnames.

doc2path(docname: str, absolute: bool) str[fuente]

Return the filename for the document name.

If absolute is True, return as an absolute path. Else, return as a relative path to the source directory.

path2doc(filename: str | PathLike[str]) str | None[fuente]

Return the docname for the filename if the file is a document.

filename should be absolute or relative to the source directory.

restore(other: Project) None[fuente]

Take over a result of last build.

docnames: set[str]

The name of documents belonging to this project.


source_suffix. Same as source_suffix.


Source directory.